Some examples of the plant life to be found, including orchids.
Bee Orchid - Jun 2011
Not all that many present in 2011 - 60 spikes in 2017
Common Spotted Orchid
Common Spotted Orchid are very common and numerous every year.

Early Purple Orchid [at Lavernock]

Greater Butterfly Orchid
Gt Buttefly flower detail

The above are not very numerous e.g. 9 spikes in 2011

Pyramidal Orchid
 There's usually some of these in the northern paddocks beyond the play park.
Yellow Wort

Yellow Wort leaf detail

Yellow Wort, an old medicinal plant, grows on the heavy soils near the dragonfly pond. Note the nice cup shaped leaves that surround the stem.
 Centaury - another heavy soil plant. Very prolific this year [2011].
These are tiny white flowers - common in the open paddocks.

Mallow sp
 There's lots of this Mallow in the newly planted flower meadow, and plenty of Poppy too.

Ragged Robin - also in the flower meadow

Red Campion - flower meadow too

Speedwell sp
Not sure what fungus this is.
Emerging Common Spotted Orchid 
Yellow Flag Iris by main boardwalk
Jews Ear or Jelly Ear fungus
The above was in Cogan Wood

Common Ink Cap at Lavernock Pt
Greater Willowherb

Dog Violet

Wild Turnip
Yellow Flag Iris

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