Clouded Yellow
6-Spot Burnett Moth caterpillar

4-Spot Chaser by the boardwalk
The above 4-Spot Chaser was warming up on a reed stem by the cafe boardwalk. It was brought to my attention by Gareth Stamp - thanks Gareth!

Large Red Damselfly
Spotted Longhorn Beetle - Reptula maculata
The above handsome beast was on brambles near the dragonfly pond in July 2011

Dingy Skipper
The Dingy Skipper above was taken at Lavernock in May 2011.
Small Copper Sep 2011
Thick-legged Flower Beetle
6-Spot Burnet Moths
Latticed Heath moth
6-Spot Burnet moth
Common Darter male
Oak Bush Cricket
Gatekeeper, male
6-Spot Burnet Moth caterpillars


Common Blue


Holly Blue

Common Darter

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