Saturday, 1 June 2019


Cosmeston absolutely heaving with people today. The large filming base and huge marquee as part of it taking up half the car park didn't help. Not much bird activity but floral interest. My first Pyramidal Orchid seen in flower near E paddock, lots of Pale Flax [much more than in the last few years], daisies, Scarlet Pimpernel. Common Blue Damselfly. Lastly the sad sight of a morbid adult Mute Swan in the W lake bay. Reported to the rangers. Its position in the water looked odd with the head just sagging in the water and the brown stain all down its neck. Ranger was going to check for foul play.
Pyramidal Orchid

Oxeye Daisy
Pale Flax

Scarlet Pimpernel

Common Blue Damselfly

Pale Flax flower

the Morbid Mute Swan

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