Friday, 19 April 2019


1 Treecreeper by the Mile Road, halfway towards the first viewpoint, 3 Coot nests by W lake, 2 Mute Swan nests and 2 Gt Crested Grebe nests. Song Thrush singing, Cetti's Warbler singing again by E lake reeds, 1 Swallow through.
Something must be done about the gaps by the path behind and above W lake. This morning a couple were walking right through the conservation area, the man walking right up to the waterline and flushing a coot of its nest, then flushing a foraging Heron. He wasn't even keeping to the 'path' through there. Then a whole family on the high area above W lake who I spoke to. They said they had entered via "the path" off the main path - i.e. through the well defined gap along there. It would be peanuts to block that gap with a couple of posts and some railings and a sign - it would be a fraction of the cost of the recent complete refurbishment of the railings around the middle viewpoint on the Mile Road. There's a similar obvious gap that looks like access, near the small wet pond just up the steep slope in the path by the far end of the conservation area. The only signs saying "No access" are on fences or gates where people are less likely to enter anyway.

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