Tuesday, 26 March 2019


A buzzard was in the same tree as the other day. I saw one of the Kingfishers exit from the E lake bank by the mile road where they nested last year, and it then alighted in an adjacent overhanging bush for about 5 mins. Possibly nesting already? A Treecreeper was in trees by the boardwalk path/Mile Road junction [3rd time I've seen one there]. On W lake I watched a vicious battle initially between 2 'pairs' of Coot, then 2 others joined in. They were going hammer and tongs and it looked as tho' one of each fighting pair was trying to drown the other. This went on for about 10 minutes! A pair of Greenfinch together behind W lake on the elevated path was an unusual sight these days.
Finally a 2nd cal yr Yellow-legged Gull was on E lake.

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