Tuesday, 29 May 2018


Below, a few photos from this morning. One of the 2 poss 3 pairs of GC Grebes now have 2 'humbug' chicks riding on mum's back, and occasionally in the water. A pair of Moorhens have 7 young on the dipping pond. Common Spotted Orchids are just coming into flower and there's plenty of Common? Flax out now. A Lesser Whitethroat has been singing in the hedge that bisects W paddock, for at least a week now, but refuses to show itself. Birds seen carrying food this morning included a Dunnock and a Blue Tit. 2 adult Mistle Thrushes were in W paddock.
Apparently there's going to be another release of Water Voles this week. Butterflies on the wing at the mo. include Speckled Woods, many Common Blue and I saw a single Small Copper two days ago, and a Comma this morning. Under a couple of refugia I found at least 4 Slow Worms.

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