Saturday, 29 July 2017


It has seemed a bit quiet at Cossie since my return from Uganda, perhaps not surprisingly. The GCGs have finally established a floating nest in the usual spot in W lake bay on the Water Bistort. Lets hope it and the ensuing young, survive. Quite a few Sand Martins over W lake today and a Kingfisher caught a fish in the corner of E lake near the main bridge then carried it down the shoreline by the central path, out of view form the bridge but presumably to where we suspect they have a nest [this is along the shoreline where the planning appl. for the wakeboarding run is located].
Mallards are all in eclipse plumage now. Jays were quite vocal and active this morning, and Common Whitethroat seen by W paddock hedge in the last couple of days. Lots of 6-Spot Burnet moths feeding, plus Gatekeepers, and Common Blues.The introduced Water Voles seem to be doing well, although we could do without the Terrapins that someone has dumped in the dipping pond.

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