Friday, 24 March 2017


Nice to bump in to the GBC ex Chairman, Adrian Murch out & about today with ace Swift box installer, Howard Driver [pic gallery soon to appear on the web site]. Not much of bird interest – c.20-30 Sand Martin fairly high over E lake with a few House Martins, pair of Mistle Thrush and another singing, a pair of Gadwall were the only duck on W lake, and several Chiffchaff along the central path. Nearly forgot – a spectacular aerial display by a pair of Sparrowhawks over the edge of Cogan Wood. At first I thought it was display with the female slow wing flapping and fanning out the undertail, but after much tumbling and locking of talons she chased him off. This followed a lone male about 15 mins earlier which flew across W paddock and disappeared over the golf course.

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