Thursday, 29 December 2016


Much the same as yesterday but at least 4 Reed Buntings feeding on phragmites seed heads by the boardwalk, total of 28 Robins counted by Jeff Curtis in a circular walk via W paddock, 10 Long-t Tits. Click on each photo for a bigger one.
Frosty boardwalk

Reed Bunting

W lake

Frozen dragonfly pond

The 'gang' L>R  Lindsay [the crow feeding man], Anne & Poppy, Jeff Curtis, Bill and Brian.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016


First visit after return from Dorset. 100+ Tufties, 8 Pochard, 12 Redwing and 2 Mistle Thrush feeding in W paddock, 1 Common and 1 Jack Snipe flushed by the snipe paddock. O/W very crowded.

Thursday, 15 December 2016


Apparently the L-t Duck from Cardiff Bay relocated to Cosmeston where it was seen this morning - just noticed the post on the Facebook South Wales Birding page. No doubt driven off by the speeding ribs I mentioned yesterday.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


still wet this morning! 4 Gadwall on W lake with the 4 Pochard & Tufties from yesterday. 2 Little Grebe on E lake and an Ad Yellow-legged Gull were the only other things of interest apart from the usual.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Damp Cosmeston

In the heavy drizzle this morning - pretty sure I saw the Scaup on W lake that Wayne Strong apparently saw y'day - a very tatty 1st yr bird. Also 2 Gadwall and 4 Pochard plus the usual Tufties. The dark Buzzard that was harassed by a Magpie t'other day, was worming in W paddock. 2 Bullfinch in the band of trees between W lake back path and the adjacent long narrow meadow by Sully Brook.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016


There was a small party of Long-tailed Tits along the central path, this one allowing a snatched photo. The Common Gull was present, by the cafe boardwalk and two Flat Holm ringed gulls - LBBG F:303 blue and Herring Gull F:168 blue, both immature birds. Still a few Redwing around although reduced numbers compared with a week ago.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Cosmeston Wakeboarding proposal

Further to my post the other day about this, there is now an online petition against this proposal which needs 1000 signatures. It's climbing since I highlighted it on FB and Twitter. PLEASE SIGN:
It's at the top left of the list on the above page.
Further info discovered is that both lakes have SSSI status due to the presence of Starry Stonewort {Nitellopsis obtuse}, which is endangered in the UK and very rare in Europe. THIS IS ACTUALLY HIGHLIGHTED ON THE VoG WEB SITE! It is an underwater plant that likes lake water 1-6m deep and the lakes are ideal. Having wakeboards churning up the water with wakes is clearly going to be to the detriment of this rare plant. On top of that of course the wakes will disturb the adjacent reed habitat on E lake where we have breeding Reed & Sedge Warblers and Reed Buntings, plus Mute Swan and Great Crested Grebes.
PS here is a link to the Vale of Glamorgan web site where the SSSI status is detailed:

Monday, 5 December 2016


Nothing new today except a fem Bullfinch, a sp I haven't seen for a while. 1 1st yr Herring Gull was by E lake with blue Darvic F:168 [white characters], a Flat Holm bird.

Saturday, 3 December 2016


13 Teal, 3 Wigeon and 2 Pochard on W lake, and the usual spread of Tufties. Mistlle Thrush and Green 'Pecker in W paddock and 4 Goldcrest noted up central path. The buzzard below was sitting on the W paddock hedgerow and had some aggro from a Magpie.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Alarming news re Cosmeston

The Vale council have just announced plans for a possible cable wakeboarding facility on E lake at Cosmeston. I can't think of anything less suitable for a relatively small lake that has a resident population of up to 60 Mute Swans. some of which nest, occasionally a similar number of Canada Geese, 100's of Gulls and Coot,  and other wildfowl from autumn through to spring. Not to mention birds such and Reed Warbler, Sedge Warbler, Reed Bunting which nest in the reed bed which no doubt would be disturbed by the wash that wakeboarding creates. If like me you've never heard of cable wakeboarding, it's like normal wakeboarding behind a speedboat except that the participant is pulled along by an overhead cable suspended between two tall gantries.  Thus these structures would grace the shore of E lake somewhere, plus the permanent obstacles in the water such as ramps and other jumps which the users have to negotiate. Please write to the Vale Council planning dept objecting to this proposal. Click here for a link to an article on the Wales Online web site.


Just a couple of photos - a Common Gull by E lake and the speculae of a pair of Mallards that waddled up to me on the boardwalk expecting bread! Click each one for a bigger pic.


There were 11 Teal on W lake and 3 Wigeon [2m 1f] plus a total of 73 Tufties on both lakes, 1 Common Gull on the W lake posts and later the same or different bird at the Swan feeding area on E lake.