Thursday, 1 September 2016

Proposals for Cosmeston

I learned with some apprehension this morning that Vale Council are looking for ways to bring more money into Cosmeston CP. An idea has apparently been mooted of a mountain bike trail. I'm not sure the park is big enough for such a facility - I would hate to see swathes of tracks cut through Cogan Wood, or indeed trackways running over W paddock and the hills by the dragonfly pond, where recently and in the past I have seen Redstarts and Wheatear, Wood Lark, and Wryneck. Also mooted - hiring out kayaks/canoes/boats to the general public - in my opinion this would definitely necessitate a decent barrier by the main bridge to prevent entry into W lake. Thus far, organised group users have been good at not entering the W lake although apparently a few did a couple of days ago. We await developments.

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