Thursday, 3 October 2013


V quick walk this a.m. before the bucket loads  of rain arrived. Just 20 Tufties of note and a few Swallows.
A lot of clearance has been done around the new pools and reedbed by the Med Village boardwalk, I am told to create better pool[s]. See below:


Anonymous said...

I hope the new pools will attract some good birds, dragonflies and damselflies.

Anonymous said...

It's common knowledge that reedbeds need to be cut on an annual basis to prevent scrub incursion and help maintain a healthy growth of reed and protects this fast disappearing habitat, as found in the reedbed management book (Hawke & Jose) available through the RSPB

It’s good to see the Vale of Glamorgan maintaining this habitat as many areas within the vale are left unmanaged.

Mark Carter (Environmentalist)

John Wilson said...

True Mark, but I have it from the rangers that this has been done to create a better pool as I said. The other two reed beds at Cossie are certainly not cut on a annual basis [the E and W lake reeds] but are doing fine. The W lake reeds have never been cut as far as I can remember. There has been some cutting of the E lake reeds but not annual.