Friday, 27 July 2012


Pr Ad GCGs with 3 tiny chicks in middle of W lake. Pr ad little Grebes in W lake 'bay' - no sign of any breeding attempt. A few Swift and Swallow swooping down to W lake to drink.
To my surprise the boat washing facility that was built in Jan and is yet to be used, is fully functional. Although put there to stop the spread of inter alia, Zebra Mussels, it is apparently up to the water users to decide whether they use it or not. The cones and plastic barrier at the open end of the facility don't exactly encourage its use.


Dai said...

I visit Cosmeston on a regular basis and consequently find your blog interesting and (in theory) informative, especially as I'm something of a bird-watcher myself. However, I do feel that writing in code is not very helpful to those of us who watch birds simply for pleasure. I refer, of course, to items such as "Pr" and "Ad". Would it not be possible to write in English rather than "text speak"? :-)

John Wilson said...

Humble apologies Dai. It's not text speak - it's birding speak - 'Ad' commonly used to mean 'Adult' and 'pr' an abbreviation for 'pair'.

John Wilson said...

PS I assume GCG was OK? = Great Crested Grebe ;-)

Dai said...

Thanks for your prompt reply, John. There's no need to appologise, I know how easy it is to slip into the use of the common abreviations of one's interests. Actually, now you've explained them they are quite obvious. I guess I was having one of those moments when my mind just refused to look in the right direction.

As for GCG, I have no problems relating abreviations to particular birds, it just happened that coming across the aforementioned Pr and ad right at the start of the post threw me off track.

Anyway, thanks again and for your posts, especially as I've been wondering for a long time as to the function of the "boat washing facility". I also agree with your intimation that its use should perhaps be compulsary. :-)