Friday, 1 June 2012

Escaped birds

If you see something that looks exotic at Cosmeston, or in Penarth, the following is the reason: [this is my angry post from Facebook]

Bloody morons >-( Those who know Penarth may know there's an aviary in Alexandra Park which contains, or rather contained, about 100 birds including Zebra Finches, Cockatiels etc. The other night vandals broke in to the park, which is locked at night, broke open the aviary and then scared the birds out using fire extinguishers. About 60 have been lost although they have been seen in the trees in the park but no doubt they will perish. Attempts have been made to capture them but it's v difficult. What is the matter with these brainless towrags - think I've just answered my own question! Anyway beware exotic species turning up anywhere in Penarth & environs.

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