Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Odd chiffchaff

The chiffy below was singing at Cossie this morning. I grabbed a couple of shots as it was just overhead. Having just looked at the pix the untidy feathers around the base of the bill drew my attention. Looking closer it seems to me that the distal end of the upper mandible is missing. If so I wonder how it ever manahged to feed up to get here, unless it has overwintered, but even then how did it feed ... tongue and lower mandible?
Agreed with diagnosis??


Cardiff Bird Ringers said...

Hi John, have posted this comment before but not sure if it came through. The untidy feathers are acutally from where they have become matted together where the bird has been feeding on pollen during migration. Its very common to find chiffs showing this at this time of year. There is no beak damage whatsoever.

John Wilson said...

OK cheers. It just looked a bit odd and 'thin'.