Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Lavernock - development plans

It was with some alarm that I became aware of VoG council possible development plans concerned with land between Cosmeston and the Lavernock coast. The Vale Council have published some Local Deveopment Plan Proposals, included in which is the possibility of building 450 houses on land which stretches from Lavernock Road right out to the coast path, immediately south of the Lavernock Park and Lower Cosmeston Farm estates, and includes the 'green lane' and associated hedgerows and adjacent fields which run from just opposite Cosmeston up to the coast path, an excellent area for migrant passerines. Here is link to an article in the Penarth Times http://tinyurl.com/8526nsa . If you read this, please follow this link to an online petition opposing this proposal - http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/say-no-to-vale-land-development-plan-in-lavernock.html and sign the petition..
Also below is a link to the VoG web site and the associated consultation documents, including a LDP Proposals Map.The area is labelled MG2 (16) at the extreme RH end of the map [it's an 8MB pdf]. This is the link to the page on the VoG site - http://tinyurl.com/7kqvtu3 . On top of this there is also a proposal for further housing on the right of Lavernock Road about halfway between Cosmeston and the turning for Sully Bay/CaptainsWife and Sully Island.


Clive Ellis said...

With that and the coastal path going the entire length of both Wharfs,Rhymney Estuary to the Gout in Peterstone on top of the seawall (eventual total destruction of all waders in Cardiff)i think i might move.No waders,No owls,No roosting areas at high tide and NO FUTURE.Who comes up with these crazy ideas,has/does anyone in the frontline ever get consulted as to the cause and effect?

John Wilson said...

It isn't signed sealed & delivered Clive, and I guess an environmental impact assessment would have to be undertaken. At present it's a suggested location in the VoG Development Plan. However if it was OK'd and they made an offer to the farmer that owns the fields then I've no doubt he would sell and pocket the cash. Apartf rom anyting else Penarth can't cope with any nore traffic or indeed people!

John Wilson said...

Apparently the land is owned by the Welsh govt so the farm is leasehold. An excellent submission against this proposal has been prepared by a local resident who also haoppends to be a GBC member, and the councillors for Penarth and the Sully ward have also prepared a very good submission against it too. It appears that no-one from the Vog has actually visited the site as the scoring as to its current use is completely wrong, suggesting that the whole thing is a brownfield site!