Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Had to go elsewhere today but my wife visited. Apparently staff at the park have recently had to abandon their normal duties to clear up bags of dog mess picked up by owners but then discarded in vegetation or by footpaths. They collected 339 bags! What an absolute bloody disgrace. Many will be outside visitors but a good number I guess will be Penarthians. What a way to treat what is a beautiful facility on your doorstep. We regularly walk our dog there, always have a supply of nappy bags and use the bins provided. OK there aren't bins in the further reaches of the park, but they are ridiculously expensive to buy and install. Surely it's not too much trouble to carry the bag 'til you reach a bin? There's one near the Medieval Village,one near the main bridge and another near the car park, together with normal rubbish bins.

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