Friday, 2 December 2011


Back from absence on leave in warmer climes! Pretty quiet this morning although a lot of Thrushes feeding on hawthorn around the place, including a few Redwing and loads of Blackbirds and Song Thrushes. On 29th Nov I noted a Coot with a white Darvic type ring on it's left leg with black lettering BCC and a metal ring on R leg. Can't immed find any info on t'net. Any ideas? Assume it must be local-ish


Dan said...

Hi John,
I know the Cardiff Ringers ( were ringing Coot at Cosmeston a couple of weekends ago.

Cardiff Bird Ringers said...

Hi John,

Dan is correct - that's one we've ringed recently at Cosmeston (19th November). Its part of a nation wide project. see

For more info


Rich Facey

John Wilson said...

Thanks Dan/Richard. Will take a look at yr blog.