Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Ringed LBB Gulls seen recently

15th Jun: 2 birds:
Red Darvic left tarsus, white characters 5NF, metal right tarsus - apparently ringed in Mold, Flintshire
Dark Blue Darvic left tarsus - white characters 3UF, metal right tarsus - prob from Ireland.
1st Jul: 1 bird:
Yellow Darvic L tarsus - black characters 5PF, metal R tarsus - Severn Estuary Gull Group
12th Jul: 3 birds:
Dark Blue w white 3UF as above
Dark Blue Darvic with white 2UF - again, Ireland
Yellow Darvic black 5PF as above


Meriwether said...

Also Blue darvic LCZ on 22nd July from Gloucestershire SEGG

John Wilson said...

Seen by Mike Powell on 31st Jul LBBG - Blue Darvic DKH. This was ringed at Gloucester landfill in May 2008 and has been recorded near Madrid on many occasions and also at San Juan tip at Ciudad Real, Spain. A well travelled bird!