Monday, 18 June 2018


Stars of the show at Cosmeston this morning - ratty [i.e. of Wind in the Wilows fame] - Water Vole at the dipping pond. There were two feeding at the far end.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Odd Green Woodpecker[s] - update

A follow up re my melanisitc Green Woodpecker of 8th Jun. I thought I had it again today when a dark looking Green Pecker came & landed on a post by the dragonfly pond, whilst I was sitting on the bench opposite. Hence I got a better shot and I think it's a different bird, but still with unusually dark plumage for a Green Pecker. I've posted both photos here to compare. The second one is clearly a male [red in moustache] and does have some green tinges on the upper parts but there's still a lot of very dark plumage there. Any thoughts? Agree they re diff birds? Top bird was on the 8th, bottom bird today.

Monday, 11 June 2018


There were 7 adult Gt Crested Grebes present today, including the pair with 1 young. One of the Kingfishers was trying to fish from the horizontal dead tree on E lake visible from the main bridge. Common Whitethroat doing its song flight from by the dipping pond. Also yesterday 2 male Beautiful Demoiselles were by Sully Brook near the Dovecote field kissing gate, plus a female, and a fem Broad-bodied Chaser was near the dipping pond.
Beautiful Demoiselle male
Beautiful Demoiselle female

Broad-bodied Chaser female

Saturday, 9 June 2018


A lot of Odonata ovipositing going on. Looks like a Sprawk had a kill near the dipping pond, and found another Bee Orchid, this time in W paddock nr the RH fence and there's a lovely Lily in flower in the dipping pond, with more to come. No sign of yesterdays melanistic Green 'Pecker which has generated a lot of likes and re-tweets on Twitter.

Odd bird at Cosmeston

Yesterday at Cosmeston this got my pulse racing for a short while until I got my binos on to it. It's a melansitic Green Woodpecker and was calling in the 'snipe paddock' for a while. I managed to grab a photo whilst it was perched in view - it's a big crop for the original but you can see what it is. I posted it on Twitter and it generated quite a lot of interest and 'likes' [132!], and 24 re-tweets. Had another look for it today but no luck although I did hear a Green 'Pecker call briefly in the same area. You can just make out the black moustache but as you can see all the upper parts are dark brownish black.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Lavernock & Cosmeston

Had a nice couple of short walks round Lavernock reserve and Cosmeston this morning. Lavernock first field had 2 very vocal scolding Comm Whitethroats so poss young present. Also Lsr Whitethroat sang briefly in second field nr the pond. Nice juv Blackbird there. Also 7 spikes of Pyramidal Orchids just coming out, and Ragged Robin in the first field.
At Cosmeston a few young birds - Magpie and a fam group of Crows, and the GCG pair are now down to one young from 2. Also plenty of young Coot, 7 young Moorhen in the dipping pond and 3 Canada Goose goslings still.

Thursday, 7 June 2018


Quite a variety if wildlife at the park at the moment. Orchids coming into flower, Dragonflies & Damselflies, young birds.
Common Spotted Orchid
Pyramidal Orchid

Southern Marsh Orchid

Large Skipper

Black-tailed Skimmer

4-Spotted Chaser

4-Spotted Chaser

Canada Goose gosling 1 of three

Imm Grey Heron