Wednesday, 18 September 2019


Morning walk round. 3 Spotted Flycatchers [1 by Sully Brook nr adjacent entrance/exit to Cogan Wood], and 1 Stonechat and a fem Blackcap there, 2 Spot Flys W paddock [just before dip down to the snipe paddock], 1 fem Common Redstart W paddock hedgerow mid way along, 1 male Blackcap and 3 Reed Bunting and another Stonechat in snipe paddock bushes, 1 ad Green Woodpecker. Graham Smith had a couple of Yellow Wags in a ploughed field above Sully Brook.

Tuesday, 17 September 2019


Been away for a week! 2 drake Pochard on W lake this morning were new arrivals for me. A Raven flew over W paddock, and 1 poss 2 Redstart were seen by the W paddock hedge [Graham Smith] although I couldn't find them myself during a brief look. Jeff Curtis had a Spot Fly by the lower dovecote field. 2 poss 3 Stonechat were near the snipe paddock [50m beyond the dragonfly pond].

Thursday, 29 August 2019


At Cosmeston this afternoon [3:45 approx] managed to find the two Whinchat that had been reported earlier today, feeding along the W paddock hedgerow, either on the hedge or in the adjacent long ground cover. Also a Chiffchaff there. Couldn't find the Wheatear that had been reported this morning. Quite a few Sand Martin and Swallow over W lake.
Here's a pic of one of them:

Wednesday, 28 August 2019


Assorted pickings at Cosmeston this morning before the rain - a pretty grown up humbug [juv Gt Crested Grebe for those not familiar with the terminology!], a fungus in the edge of Cogan Wood [ID anyone?], and a very smart Small Copper. Also 1 Common Whitethroat seen and 3 Green Woodpeckers and a few Sand Martin and Swallows passing through.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019


Nice to see the Autumn Ladies Tresses are at last in flower. First found some in 2017 in E paddock and they've increased - 20 spikes found this morning in E paddock - 13 where the main path forks right, down into the gully and 7 on the LHS on the way up the path from the kissing gate at the E lake end. Young Water Vole was very obliging in the dipping pond [has been for two days]. A Hawker there [probably Migrant] and a juv Moorhen.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019


4 adult Little Grebe present in a brief walk this morning. One pair with a half grown young [they did have two] and another adult pair. About 50 Sand Martin feeding over W lake and a few House Martin over E lake near the golf course.

Saturday, 10 August 2019


Rather late doing a sea watch [other commitments] so from 13:10 to about 14:15, just 3 Fulmar, and 2 Gannet [1 ad and 1 2nd yr] down channel from the searchlight 'shelter', which felt as if it would be blown off its foundations at times! Much earlier, Phil Bristow had 2 Arctic Skuas, a single Storm Petrel, many Manxie, and a flock of Common Scoter, all d/c.